Está abierta la convocatoria a trabajos para la Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Polic. Cierre de envío de abstracts: 1º de marzo. El evento se realizará del 14 al1 6 de octubre en el Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Estados Unidos. 


Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy 
​October 14-16 2019, Georgia Institute of Technology
(in conjunction with the 9th annual Global TechMining Conference)

Call for abstracts – Due March 1, 2019
You can now submit presentation, poster, and session proposals for the 2019 Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy. Proposals submitted by the March 1st deadline will receive notification of their submission status by late April 2019.
Poster and Individual Paper Submissions
The Atlanta conference works with well developed, substantial abstracts only. At no stage do we require full papers. Abstracts are limited to 1,200 words. Our experience suggests that reviewers respond well to well-developed abstracts with a classic structure signposted with section headings: background and rationale, methods, results or anticipated results, significance – for example. Submissions are limited to text only (no figures or tables). Formal references are not required and do not tend to enhance the quality of abstracts.

We will create an e-book of abstracts and make it available at the conference and on the conference website going forward. Presenters will have the opportunity to improve their abstracts over the summer as their research develops. The deadline for the final version of the abstract to be submitted will be early in the fall.

Session Panel Proposal
Sessions comprise a set of four related presentations. A panel proposal includes the session title and a short abstract of about 500 words describing the session plus a list of the associated presenters and their titles. In addition, each presenter must submit an abstract for their own presentation that begins by listing the session title (please list this above the presentation title). Session chairs should be sure to communicate the precise wording of the proposed session name to all session authors in advance of submission in order to facilitate the review and conference organization process.

Paper Submission for Proposed Panel Session
Authors of papers associated with panel sessions should complete the details below, and also begin their abstract with the name of the session organizer and the name of the panel session.
Submissions should address issues relevant to the science and innovation system. You will be asked to indicate which of the following topic area(s) your abstract addresses:

  • Energy/environment
  • Evaluation and metrics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation in the Global South
  • Patenting/intellectual property
  • Privacy
  • Regional innovation
  • Responsible/inclusive innovation
  • Scientific workforce/ diversity
  • Security
  • Societal interactions and impact
  • STI funding and budgets
  • Team science/ social capital
  • Translational research


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